Step 4: Off Page Optimization

SEO services and Social bookmarking

Off Page Optimization 

  1. Article Submission
  2. web 2.0
  3. Social Bookmarking
  4. Social Profile Submission
  5. Local listing
  6. Video submission
  7. Classified submission
  8. Syndication
  9. Image Sharing

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In conclusion, follow the above steps. By doing so, LHi Lab will work to improve your site’s placement. All the steps help to improve your Google ranking. Furthermore, we’ll continue checking your Off Page optimization and monitoring progress. By following Google guidelines, your brand can grow. We’ll work together. You provide the subject matter expertise. We bring the website know how. Together, we can move your site up in rankings.

Refer back to the other steps in the process to see the big picture. For instance, we start with keyword and web analysis. Once that step is complete, we move on to On Page Optimization and Google Webmaster Optimization. After Off Page Optimization is complete, we go to step five.¬† Lastly, Step five is reporting. As a result, we will always know the next improvements to be made. It’s important to follow the process. Subsequently, we’ll see steady progress because we’ll always be updating.

Contact us today. In other words, don’t wait another day to start. Let’s get started improving your pages.