Case Study: Redtail Technology & Quickbooks

Red tail Technology and Quickbooks

Redtail Technology CRM & Quickbooks

The challenge was to create a simple connecting app (technically a Platform as a Service or PaaS). Furthermore, it had to sychronize Redtail Technology’s CRM and Quickbooks. Redtail is one of the leading CRMs in the financial advisor space and Quickbooks has 90% of its market. In fact, many services that provided sychronization between CRMs and Quickbooks tended to add a lot of unnecessary connectivity not required by advisors. We wanted to change this. Therefore, we worked to create something simpler.

We created a stripped down cloud based connection for 1EZ Connect. The 1EZ Connect PaaS simply synchronized contact information. We created the Redtail CRM and Quickbooks connection to be distributed at a fraction of the cost of other overly complicated apps.


Red Tail CRM connecting to Quickbooks